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Thank you for the excellent work with sound)


Very creepy.. Well done! :)

nice work =)

also there was some grammar issues throughout the game.

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One of the stranger horror games I've played. The story is hard to follow, the bits with the monster came at strange moments. One part had me lost trying to find an item in the kitchen. 

Really enjoyed this game, but got to the point of going to bed, and nothing was happening. Not sure if there was a different ending or I just ran into a bug. Really well done with the jumps though! Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, time stamps in the Description to jump right to the game!

Well done jump scares but there were some pretty UN-intuitive points that left me feeling lost.

The jump scares weren't overly placed well but looked good and played well... :)

@@ game too dark if dont have flashlight, but good to play. Thank you because you made this game !

really enjoyed the game its a nice short horror game with scares in the right places 

Not a bad game at all, I only wish we got to sleep.

On a serious note, game was quite enjoyable!

Here is my playthrough if you want to give it a watch :)

sheeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!! bro this game gave me heart disease


Nice game

quite scary I wish there were more jump scare or something spooking 

I played this in one of my random horror games. I was pretty scary and effective however the grammar and the story seem not good in my opinion but you do got potential to create a game that scare the crap out of me so that's a good start. 

Nice story

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Hey, um olá do Brasil. Decidi recentemente começar um canal, e meu primeiro vídeo foi sobre seu jogo :)

I feel like I relate to this game but not being in a Nightmare all the time

Doesn't work as supposed to... Something's wrong with the resolution. When I run it, it loads and shows me an extremely stretched menu with key commands where I can't do anything.

Sleeping is best

Great job! was made aware of this game by this youtuber:

One of the scariest I've played in a while! I enjoyed this very much!

Played this apart of a "3 scary games" series and I got a little spooked 😂 Great job!
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This was an awesome game that had a pretty horrifying atmosphere and a fairly interesting story concept that I would've loved to have seen more of either more in depth or flushed out. Thank you for the entertaining experience and keep up the good work.

very interesting and fun concept. Really liked the game and the scares. Great graphics.

interesting game. very good game i gotta say. I hope that we will see more from you soon!

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

Thanks for letting us experience your game. 

In all i genuinely enjoyed the environment and the atmosphere, very impressive that it was made in 10 days!

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Thank you so much for making this game!

It actually caught me off guard as I was going to say something about it mid my gameplay I got spooked out, nice job!

I tried this game out and I was not disappointed at all. The atmosphere was something similar to when I played Amnesia almost and I enjoyed it very much! 

Gave it a go...

Pretty good for a game made in just 10 days. Being confined in a house with just a few rooms gave me a sense of claustrophobia and the overall atmosphere felt dark and gritty. Although I understood the gist of the story, I had a hard time following it, but other than that I enjoyed this game. Nice work!

Interesting idea, well executed. For what it could have been it was way to short in my opinion, but that's not a criticism of the game mechanics or how the game played or felt!

The atmosphere it gave me was perfect and succeeded in creeping me out, and the story elements were pretty good!

You went straight in with the Jumpscare when I wasn't expecting it so soon either, good job!

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my Youtube Channel, come check it out!

Intrestingly average. Graphics were emaculate, and the mechanics were smooth. There was a clear language barrier that took a bit away (no fault of your own). Also, the story was near hard to follow, and almost comedic. For the character to "go to bed" after they've found a body in their house is laughable. All in all, some honestly good jumpscares, and more than a few problems and plot issues to fix.

Thank you for the review. Now i know what i did good and bad. In the next project, i will try to improve the negative things.

hello, i was wondering why did you rate my game 1 star? :(

I had a couple of issues with the items but I loved the atmosphere and story!  Good work! 👍

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I enjoyed this little game.

Good atmosphere and I also liked the fact that there was no color

gave me a couple of good jumpscares !!

you should make a sequel with the same idea but with more depth !

good job though :)

here's my gameplay ! watch me get scared by almost everything

This had really good scares and I was really spooked.

game is really good.

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