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The game was pretty fun! We got to see what actually happened to Mr. Jorkmon!! The ending was one of a kind... LMAOOO 🤣🤣

I have never played a game with such a beautiful story. Whoever made this game, I am in love with you, please send me an email at

Was expecting something different but good job!

I found it bizzare

So cool and sooooo strange hope you enjoy this walkthrough :)

OK, mind blown 😂😂😂

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This game was HALARIOUS. I really enjoyed just messing around and making fun of everything. The game could obviously be improved but it honestly doesn't need to. It was good enough as it is. amazing job and I definitely recommend this game. Here is my video:


Oh this was just too funny! 


Not what I have expected but the ending was hilarious nevertheless. Was creeped out by the shadow and the sudden movement of the door. Check out my video below to see my playthrough even though it is probably worse than the ones below.


Nice game very funny too! Keep up the good work!:)


i din't expect that ending. the game had me tense from sound design to that literal shadow man. really enjoyed it. heres the video

lol he ded

Featured this game here - 13:05 - 

Loved it! Definitely would play more from you (this is a 3 random game video, mr jorkman is the second game)


great game i gusst even tho i haven't played it yet

This horror game is... something.

I Really Enjoy The Game Keep It Up

HOLY SHIT!! I had some good laughts at this! I think there's even more, so i'll be back into this again ;)


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A nice #shorts version of it lol

this was one of the most weridest and funny game on horror genre i ever played and it was a decent short game 

Hilarious dude. The.. erm.. part at the end actually scared me. Weirdest jump scare ever lol 

😂 I didn’t see it coming!


Lol well that wasn’t silent but it was deadly 😂 starts at 1:28


Bravo my good man. I liked how you didn't take this game seriously and made one of the most bizarre game I have ever played. It was quite entertaining. Thank you for 10 minutes of fun.

Mmmm hahaha


Truly a life affirming experience. The ending had me absolutely thrown for a loop. I played it second in my video!


The game does not take itself seriously, and that's a welcoming thing every once in a while. Had a lot of fun discussing it.


A smelly death

This game was excellent, and that ending was hilarious!! xD


Dude, that ending is hilarious. I'm glad I didn't read the comments before I played it because that caught me by surprise. Nice job, man. 


VERY GOOD!! Keep up, i can't wait to see your next game!

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This was just straight up goofy

Nice to play a not serious game here and there.

Show post...


Very interesting haha nice one

I actually liked this game it was fun! it was also... interesting... 


a true work of art
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