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TBH I didnt really enjoy it as much because of the sentences but it was spooky for sure. The ending just didnt make sense to me lol 

Game starts @17:25

For a shorter horror game this was very spooky and I enjoyed the little story to it as well. I enjoyed it so much I made a video on it for player reaction. I hope you make more in the future. Good Luck!

To Much Clowning Around. Lol JK. The game was good. had a good back story. a few grammatical errors in the game, but I loved the idea!

This game proved how cowardly I am lol I got scared by my reflection in the fridge... Great game! 

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This game actually scared me pretty bad 😭 good job with the atmosphere and everything, I was really scared just walking around. Keep up the good work 😀👍🏾

This game was greatttt

Pretty nice game, I made a video if anyone would like to check it out. 

Nice game and dashie also played it at around 34:38 into the video,

I don't know if my game bugged but I got stuck somewhere. (starts at 8:20) 

Loved the game, would have liked it to be longer, but it was made in 10 days so can't be too picky

Certainly not bad for something made by 1 person in 10 days. I would maybe recommend having the notes proofread though. 

This short game, turned into about a 30 minute adventure because I'm blind and dumb, but other than that I really enjoyed the intense moments of the game. Great job and good luck on any future projects

Ok, this game had crazy jumpscares. Holy shit...

Some things like the writing could be improved but besides that it was good keep it up :)

A very fascinating and tense little experience. Thanks for making it.

cool game! Liked this guy‘s take on it

I had fun playing this, pretty entertaining for a game made in 10 days! (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video).

This game has an interesting story, and the jump-scares are pretty scary 

Nice game

BEST THIEF IN THE WORLD talking here! My only complaint about the game would have to be that the key blends in way too well with the counter, causing it to be a little easy to overlook. However wondering around aimlessly allowed me to make some pretty fun experiences :) feel free to check out my video here!

Now I went into this game thinking it wasn't gonna scare me for real..... but it somehow did anyways lol



All I wanted was a little sleep. I didn't ask for this. Why don't the lights work? Would YOU sleep here? I mean there IS a pool table but that's not enough. Just allow me to sleep and all will be well...

Game's pretty good. It scared me, but then again, what doesn't? Keep up the good work man, I'd love to play more works of yours.

It was okay.
I did like how the game looked at first but the quality is meh
The notes and items were in pretty trashy quality. 
That one jumpscare wasn't too bad to be honest. Could've been a bit longer but I reckon that that wasn't possible because of the budget?
Though I did like the graphics style!
Either way, thank you for letting me experience this!
4/10 :)

(Your game begins at 9:12)

An interesting enough little game, in a ool and very graphically nice environment, not to mention the occasional genuinely well pulled off jump scare.

The key is a bit too small and unclear and took a whiel to find, and some grammar issues in the story make some parts fall a tiny bit flat, but what surrounds that works pretty well all things considered.

Pretty nice game, that jump scare got me so hard man! i love the game, i wish it was longer :)).

Я так понимаю хоррор игры здесь в топе?

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Took me A while to find the key hehe

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This was a creepy game!

The silence really got me and the clown definitely made me want to flip my table multiple times! 

I got stuck with the key in the Kitchen as I couldn't see it. Otherwise great game!

Got me a couple of times and I enjoyed it! First game in the video! 

just played this game! It was pretty great! Just wish it was longer! 

People are afraid because they are afraid of the sound effects of appearances

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I'm not afraid of clowns. but if you are, you're in trouble...

God I swear this clown is giving me nightmares now D:

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

really solid horror game! the jumpscares are really spooky. I hope you enjoy my video

This game was one of those that I'd call short & sweet, amazing work! :D 

had no clue wat else to do but the graphics of ur game were pretty sweet...

check out my gameplay + commentary here!

I am terrified of clowns... little did i know i would get the fright of my life playing this game! This game is a perfect example of less is more. The quiet atmosphere and the uncanny normality of the environment gave this game a creepy atmosphere and i loved it!! Keep up the good work!

I had a lot of fun with this! I gave some thoughts at the end. Overall, a pretty well put together game!

lol this was definitely a fun short horror game 

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