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About The Game

Buried Darkness is a short first-person indie horror game created by a solo developer in 2 months. The game's main goal is to build an atmospheric horror with well-chosen audio and graphical style. This is not a  survival or a thriller game where you have to run or killing enemies. This is more like a psychological horror game.

Estimated Gameplay Time: 30 minutes

Full Release Notes

The game is out now!  There has been done a lot of changes/ improvement to the game by listening to user feedback. The gameplay length of the game has been increased by adding more events and jump-scares but it's still a short game. Most of the time of the development has been spent on optimization, lighting, mechanics, story, sound/fx quality.

  • Interactable Lights
  • Inspectable Objects
  • The security camera is fully interactable now
  • Gameplay length, story, events, jump-scares, and more!

If you have played the early access version. This version has the same progress as was in the early access ends. Then you will continue where you left.

     The game contains jump-scares. If you have heart disease, please avoid playing this game!


The game takes place in an apartment you just moved into it. But there is something wrong with this place. You start hearing strange noises and rattlings. You have to do something to get rid of this darkness. The way out seems simple. But something wants to keep you in this place.

In this game, you don't need to read many notes. Or finding the keys to unlock doors. The game's mechanics designed to be fluent gameplay.


  • Quality Graphics
  • Fluent Gameplay
  • Developed with Unreal Engine
  • Quality Audio
  • Well-optimized for low-end systems too

If you encounter bugs or have an idea to be added to the game feel free to contact me at codelessmangamedev@gmail.com

Note: This version of the game represents the finished product. I'm not thinking to make more major updates or adding new content to this game. But I may make small updates if I find bugs or anything that break this game.

If you enjoyed the game, please rate it and leave a review. All suggestions are welcomed.

Follow:  twitter.com/CodelessG

P.S: For the best experience wearing headphones is recommended


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This game was just the right amount of spooky. I loved it.

Awesome game, great jumpscares and graphics super job. Shaved a few years off my life.

This game almost made me cry it was TERRIFYING!

Not bad horror.

Level design is very good.

But, the gameplay is not finalized.

The player comes for sharp emotions, and hourly walking and contemplating furniture in the dim light of a flashlight is not the most interesting activity.

And this is 99% of the gameplay.

I would advise to work on the narrative design and game scenario, thus making the gameplay more intense and interesting.

Add screamers and enemy/enemies.

Add backstory that says:

1) what is the player doing here

2) how the player got here

3) what are the goals of the player.

Without this, the game becomes incomprehensible and boring.

And to shorten the gameplay a little due to the intensity of the developing game scenario.


This was really good, got me a couple times...

I can tell this game was made with love, there was a lot of attention to detail here.  The ghost was creepy, the house had a decent layout and the plot was straightforward.

good job !

muito bom, destaque para os jumpscares...bela ambientação !

Great game. Looks amazing and has a very creepy atmosphere.

Really nice horror game, the graphics are amazing

Absolutely great horror game! The setting created a really uncomfortable feeling all the time. It has a great mix of psychological horror and some jump scares. Had so much fun playing it and will definitely check out more of your games! Great job! 

Thanks. I really enjoyed your game. The atmosphere and uneasy feel, was spot on

i like this game :D good graphic and gameplay

Loved everything about your game, the beautiful graphics and classy home design as well as the pacing of the horror story. I'm curious so I liked that I could open everything and pick it up. The scares were really well done too. I never got too lost and I always wondered what would happen next. Great game, thanks :)

(1 edit)

She is following me, she knows where I live, and she has changed my wallpaper -_-.


(3rd game) this was the longest and best game i played in this video. absolutely horrifying and it got me on many occasions. will definitely look at new projects from you guys!

love the game 

I played this game and i enjoyed it

can't wait to see the future games you put out keep up the good work 

So nice game. Beautiful graphics and very scary. I played on my channel here :)


I can tell this game was made with love, there was a lot of attention to detail here.  The ghost was creepy, the house had a decent layout and the plot was straightforward. Another hit game from you Codeless, good job !

I made a playthrough on the game too if you're interested :)

I had so much fun with this game! Plenty of jump scare moments. Great work

I played the demo about a year ago, so this release has been on my list for a while! I like how the game has been expanded, with more doom and gloom moments to trigger. Definitely got some spooks outta me! I agree with the comment below, more involvement with the security cam would've been awesome! My only suggestion for future projects is to figure out how to make the monster move and appear even more creepy. A nasty crawl or peering around the corner would scare the crap outta me, versus a jumpscare glide.

Great work!


Just played your game on my channel! I really enjoy the length and ideas that you have going on here. I really wish there was more going on with the security camera stuff, that was super interesting in my opinion. Still, great game! I was surprised at the length. I had a great time playing. Thanks for making it!

Hey, great gameplay video. Thank you for playing the game and honest review :)

It Will not work at all I double-click on the unreal icon after unzipping the game and it leaves me stuck at a black screen with the bottom bar on windows 10 still showing. Really wanted to play this too. Hope I get a chance in the future. The graphics look nice.


A very nicely done experience with an excellently spooky atmosphere.
Interesting gameplay though the triggers to progress can feel obscure and linear at times.
Still very well done and shows a lot of promise.

This game is so good. Definitely recommend! :)


Absolutely great horror game! The setting created a really uncomfortable feeling all the time. It has a great mix of psychological horror and some jump scares. Had so much fun playing it and will definitely check out more of your games! Great job! 

I played this game and i enjoyed it i will bring your content to my youtube video soon can't wait to see the future games you put out keep up the good work 


Honestly this was one of the scariest games I have ever played!! I played it a couple months ago when it was early access and not done and I had a lot of fun just doing that, even tho the game was significantly shorter and not nearly as scary. Now it is a lot longer and it is ten times as scary and I loved it!! I was freaking out like 80% of the time and it was super funny! Thanks for letting me play it, I had an absolute blast!!

Awesome Game! You should check out my reaction! 

Played your game and really enjoyed it, thank you for making it!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Thank you for sharing the gameplay video :)

Tried out your game.

An interesting game. Had fun testing it.


I played both the demo and full version of this game and I like how it turned out. Great suspense throughout the game and although the ghost wasn't an actual threat, she was still pretty intimidating every time she popped up. A nice short horror experience. 

Thank you for playing both versions.

Hey man, is there an option to change resolution?

Hi, unfortunately, there is no way to change the resolution. Sorry 


Buried Darkness

Created by Jaboblu
Very creepy game, It had me going until it ended. Can't wait to play the full version.


Thank you for playing the game. This is the early access. I recommend you play the full version. You can download it on this page, thank you again.

Thanks, I'll be sure to play the full version! Thanks again.


A pretty fun game. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the playthrough. Good scares here and there, and I appreciate a game that has a good balance of leading the player, but also forcing you to figure it out yourself. It never got too confusing, and any blank stretch of gameplay was figured out in a matter of minutes. Also, kudos to your decoration of the HQ residential house! I recognized some of the other assets but had no clue it was the HQ house until the credits rolled. 

My only critique for improvement would be in the climax scene; I just feel more could be done with it. I like the idea, just think (as I say in the video) that it could use more oomph. Perhaps some extended version of it with a jump scare or two to spice things up. Overall though, I very much enjoyed my playthrough, and thanks for letting me enjoy your game. Thumbs up! 

Thank you for the detailed review and gameplay video. I'm glad that you liked the game. I've noted your suggestions.


Creepy atmosphere as hell dev good job 

Thank you for playing and gameplay video.


This was rather fun!

The graphics and audio were pretty good.

The start of this game is however the actual gameplay. It was really scary, but I must admit, I never got that inert feeling of danger. I would whish the monster was a little more erratic, or a little more sudden in her movements. Much like a spider. Perhaps she could have crawled on the roof. It becomes a little repetitive towards the end.

But the experience was overall good. The mechanics worked well, the game was somewhat guided so that you do not get stuck.

Good work!



Thank you for playing and gameplay video


my play through here: 

review: This is atmospherically terrifying I was a bit too scared to sprint xD definitely enjoyed it though the sounds were on point and it was dark as heck. I wish there were more movement scares though those are the ones that always get me sheesh without spoiling there was one part that got me cause of the movement. Well done! 

Thank you for playing and video. I'm glad you liked it


Thank you for making it and responding I appreciate it ^_^