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I loved everything about this game! Especially the silent jump scares! We hardly get those in horror games anymore. My only complaint was the lack of directions, but then again it could be my lack of awareness. Either way, great game!

I'm Brazilian and I made a video playing this game

Very terrifying and a overall great experience! 

A funny hotel horror.

I'm sorry, is that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles font?

a good game, though it slows down, but my laptop is not the oldest 8 GB of RAM 2 GB of video memory 940m


хорошая игра,правда подтормаживает,но ноут у меня не самый старый 8 гб оперативы 2 гб видеопамяти 940м

I loved the graphics, well done!

Recepce prosím!


Good Game!

Your game is actually really scary, it is so dark is some places though! I also think the game is broken towards the ending..

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A great game,very scary. Really enjoyed.Congratulations for the work

Got some pretty good spooks outta me. Very well made.

nice atmosphere!

(german lp)

Excelente juego de terror!!!

very very creepy! Loved it

I really enjoyed this game!

very good horror game

Jogo muito bom

Very nice game!

Very good game, scary!!

i lost sanity

Short horror game with some good scares. No more else need to be said. 


Gameplay starts at 0:00

A cool short horror game 


Buen juego

Pretty cool short horror experience but the ending was a bit lackluster. Still enjoyed playing though, effective jumpscares! 

nice work =) 

It is a game with verz nice graphics. The atmosphere is heavy. It's very good work.


short and sweet! 

Quite enjoyed this little game, made me giggle 🤣 

Fun little horror game with some great jumpscares!


Decent game for what it is

Dark Hotel is a short but terrifying game that will leave you feeling uneasy long after you've finished playing. You find yourself trapped in a dimly lit hotel, with strange noises and creaks emanating from every direction. The game's atmosphere is chilling, with unsettling music and creepy sound effects that will keep you on edge throughout the entire experience. If you feel like seeing someone else's experience check out my playthrough of this game.

This was cool game with dark mood, I liked it! 

This game was fun! I enjoyed definitely so jumpscares that got me lol but overall good game!!

Gave me flashbacks to a weird hotel experience I had haha. Creepy atmosphere! Game #1 in this video:

I was not that scared but I liked the environment. I think I messed up at the end because I did not understand the ending lol

Really enjoyed the game the last scare really got me keep it up
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