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The first game that  I played. I could say that this game definitely had the right ambiance, jumpscares were great, although the story could have gone deeper. The end was "meh", but overall - pretty good! 8/10 

Something is WRONG with this Hotel... | Dark Hotel

Definitely a fun game. Not sure where I was going but oh they found me plenty fine. The frights were great and not expected, audio and visual quality was wayy better than I expected it to be for the game. Well done overall and thank you for making it. 

Want to see what I mean then see my review:


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I loved the game, thanks for putting time and effort into making it!


Really enjoyed the jump scares in this game. I could definitely tell it was inspired by P.T. But I enjoyed the fact it didn’t loop constantly. I will say (dunno if there is another ending or not) but the ending was a let down. 


Great Game!!! Perfect for a quick scare!!! 

A great short horror game with some really good scares! Great job!

I really enjoyed this game! watch my gameplay

you make me think of coryxkenshin lol

nice gameplay though

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The jumpscares really made me uncomfortable


walking simulator

La fantasma estaba jangueando en el cuarto conmigo 😂

Awesome game! Loved the jump scares:)

game is broken

I lost track over the amount of times I pooped my pants!

not bad 

I really enjoyed this game. The jumpscares are so well crafted, I think every single one got me. Would love to see a longer or expanded version of the game. My only issue is that it’s a little too dark in the dark hotel lol




Not sure if you're still talking and criticism on this game but the biggest thing was definitely the lack of them telling you where to go. Visually it looked nice, the scares were really good, but I found myself wandering around trying to figure out where to go way too often. Good work with everything else though! 

Was a fun little game. Definitely enjoyed the scares. Would love to see this game get more of a back story and be longer. 

This was a fun game and had its spooky moments. Nice job!

Thoroughly enjoyed this one! Very, very well done on the game and the scares! Wish there was a little more guidance to the next spot, but still terrific! Can't wait to check out more from the developers!

10/10 such a scary game!! Amazing job to the developers!

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The jumpscares in this game were really good.. as seen in the thumbnail lol

A phenomenal job with this game. Turned the volume up to the max and multiple times this game had my heart racing. 


Very fun and spooky game

It`s nice game.

I don't think il ever stay in a hotel again. brilliant game

Incredible game!! The atmosphere was spot on and the jumpscares were unexpected and well-timed. My only problem was the lack of options for turning the brightness up a bit. But I suppose that's part of the overall point of the game lol.

An amazing game i loved it!

loved this Game, and I gotta say.. I Did get scared!! Why you gotta do me like that 😂

Hello from Brazil! I played here :) Really nice game. Creepy!!!

Impressive graphics and a few nice jump scares, I found the movement was quite slow but apart from that a good experience.

Pretty good atmosphere and lighting, but the lighting around the corners of the stairs is a little weird, and it would be nice if the player could choose to move faster.

This game got me good LMAO The woman was pretty scary, overall a very unique and fun experience. The beginning of the game seriously set the mood. Idk how you made the environment so scary, but excellent job on that!

One Two The Tall Woman Comes For You, 

Three Four All The Doors Are Locked, 

Five Six Darkness 

Fun game and got me a few times

The only complaint I have with this game is its length. It has to be converted into a longer game by the developers. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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